Emersion Platform Project

Welcome to the Emersion Platform project. Emersion is an Open Source (LGPL) Java based integrated platform to run server-side applications (web sites, but not only :).


The project aim is to create universal integrated platform to "host, run and service" components as part of a single server-side background application.

The idea is inspired by Eclipse Platform as a Development Tools Integration Platform. Similar, Emersion is "the same" but for server applications integration. The Platform is organized as a set of plug-ins (like Eclipse). Several plug-ins form "Platform core" and are quite general purpose. Some plug-ins provide "standard services" for other, "application level" plug-ins. Using those "base" plug-ins makes possible to develop and deploy web sites, web services and other server-side software in very short time. Platform architecture designed to be highly extensible but consistent and easy maintainable.

The background plug-ins infrastructure is provided by Java Plug-in Framework (JPF) - Open Source library to build highly modular applications.

Project state

Currently the Platform is in the "base architecture design" and "alpha development" stage. It's source code is available from project CVS.